What I Read in 2013: 55 Books!

Favorites: Seraphina, Tenth of December, Something Like Normal, Wanderlove, Scarlet, Rats Saw God, You Are One of Them, Where the Stars Still Shine, Wild Awake, This Is How You Lose Her, and Vivian Versus the Apocalypse, plus everything Melina Marchetta deigns to share with the world.

Disappointments: Beautiful Creatures, This Is What Happy Looks Like, Hysteria, Fangirl, Rose Under Fire, and Just One Year.

Hopes for 2014: More diversity in authors, characters, genres, styles, everything. More non-fiction. Less competition—both with myself and with the Internet. (Don’t read a must read just because it’s a “must read.”)

What did you read in 2013 that you loved/hated/think everyone or no one should read?

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    How many have YOU read?
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  5. alisonroseishere answered: Loved: Americanah; In the Time of the Butterflies; Dearie. Disliked: Penelope; The Receptionist. (Also will you make me a pic like this?! :))
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  7. katiecoyle answered: You’re nice.
  8. sarahmoon said: "Don’t read a must read just because it’s a “must read.”" - Yes, this—I worked on this this year and it was so freeing. (Wow, I used "this" a lot in that sentence.)
  9. inbackyrds answered: You didn’t like Fangirl?! Please explain! Also, love that you read so much Sarah Dessen. I used to liked her lots & just fell off the wagon.
  10. unforgettabledetritus answered: can we be friends on goodreads y/y?
  11. haventreadthat answered: everyone should read my brilliant career!
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